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Best practice for sharing webinar recordings and collecting lead data (same program or new program?)

Question asked by 768fcb04caedb7d07293549eb38dae94791735d6 on Jan 11, 2017
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We had a live webinar and managed registrations with a Marketo form within a Marketo program that's synced to GoToWebinar. What's the best practice for sharing the webinar recording afterward while collecting lead data?


  • I see there are program statuses for Download and Attended On-demand. Should we use the same program with a new form and assign the lead either the Downloaded or Attended On-demand status?
  • Or would it be better to create a new program to separately collect lead data for the webinar recording?


I ask in particular because I couldn't find any information on what impact the Downloaded and Attended On-demand statuses might have in GoToWebinar.


I should also add that we have the Marketo program synced to SFDC if that makes a difference.