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Lead Scoring Multiplier

Question asked by 57adbfedd6af6d5edb01a91434cfd6622e3fb236 on Jan 11, 2017
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Hi All,


I am being asked to do some research on lead scoring. I know at a very basic level you can score on demographic information and that behavior (form fill, product download and so on). I know the easiest way to do it is assign a value to each position and to each behavior (no multiplier).


I am being asked to research if I can institute a multiplier for a position title. E.G. an email open is worth .1 point and different titles offer it multiplier. An example below.


CIO opening an email = 100 x .1 = 10 points

Director = 50 x .1 = 5 points

Manager = 10 x .1 = 1 point

Admin = 1 x .1 = .1 points


Is this a possibility?


Thank you in advance.