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Filtering out a suppression list from a program that pulls in 6 lists

Question asked by 899e7654846abed1d08b3e98cfff32ab9447a1a9 on Jan 10, 2017
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I’ve set up a program that has 6 different lists/6 different versions of the email


I want to suppress a group of email addresses (which could be on any one of the 6 lists) - so the suppressions will not pull into the mailing (based on the individual/master lists).  I’ve set it up as follows – list/filter 7 being the list I want to suppress (see attached screen shot)


If one of the emails are on any one of the 6 lists Marketo will filter them out vs. my having to create individual smart lists… right?


I did the count and it is right (original lists 255,014 leads; after the suppression of list 254,862).


Just wanted to confirm with you.


Thank you.