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Building a Refer-A-Friend Referral Program using Marketo RTP

Question asked by ff02339ca9c53a28af36ef01fabf1ebae5ebdccc on Jan 9, 2017
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Happy New Year! Just curious if anyone has any experience building out a refer-a-friend program using Marketo RTP. This is our proposed setup for the campaign:


-We'd be using the RTP Dialog (with a form embedded) and it would function as a popup when a logged-in user lands on the checkout page on our website.

-RTP dialog pops up on checkout page and says something to effect of: "Save 10% Now! Simply refer a friend, and we'll send them a coupon for 10% off, too"

-Referrer fills in the form on the popup with the email address of their friend

-The friend receives an automated email with a coupon code and a message about "Hey your friend wants to save you 10% off!"


That above is all fairly simple. Here is where it gets a bit trickier. There are two options below:

1) Automatically apply 10% off the referrer's shopping cart once they fill out the form with their "friend's" email address (knowing that they might put in a bogus email or another one of their own email addresses rather than an actual new lead)

2) Referrer only receives the 10% off when their referred friend uses the 10% off code. So once the friend uses the 10% off code, the referrer will receive an automated email notifying them that the referral code has been activated.


The option #1 above is pretty simple. Option #2 requires some additional thought and logic...and I would welcome feedback if any of you have done a program similar to this.


-How to create the the unique code or tracking ability so that the referrer's coupon is activated ONLY when the referred friend uses theirs?

-How to activate the coupon code...

-Is it possible to track the number of referrals per email address (and who they are)?

-Is this something that is possible with Marketo or will it require the use of a third party?

-Has anyone used RTP to deliver a popup in this way?


Thanks! Any suggestions, best practices, or thoughts are greatly appreciated!!


ADDITION: If anyone has experience implementing the #1 option above with success (or failure) I'd welcome that feedback too. Obviously, it is not as "sophisticated" an option, but curious if you have run it what the average bogus emails that would be submitted just so a person could get their 10% off automatically applied.