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Measuring Baidu Attribution

Question asked by f28d0270e7f2706c20714892d8c877b935790d27 on Jan 9, 2017
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Anyone able to help?


In the same way that we can set up our Google Adwords activity to link through to Revenue Analytics to measure ROI / conversion from particular ad group campaigns, we would love to do the same thing with Baidu activity.

Set Google AdWords Conversions in the Revenue Model - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


Strangely Baidu measurement at the moment does not enable us to differentiate between paid and organic derived from this search engine - so are hoping Marketo would be able to fill in the knowledge gap for us.


does anyone have any experience of setting up RCA with Baidu? or know of a plug-in which could help? (I'm happy to throw money at the problem if needed)


many thanks