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Best Practices 1 or multiple API Accounts?

Question asked by 677863972fd6eb7b36fa746126a912f03aecf6ec on Jan 10, 2017
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I'm building out integrations to my tech stack and a few of these companies want to connect via API users. So far I've created separate users and named them based on what part of the tech stack they relate to (ex: DOMO API user, Influitive API user, etc).


I have more integrations coming up and it seems like they all work the same way. In my CRM, we use 1 API user that connects onto many different integrations but that was originally due to pricing per user. In Marketo I can have lots of users without additional pricing. I was trying to keep these separate for auditing, but is it OK to just use 1 API user and connect to different technologies rather than 1 user per technology?