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Tracking Clicks for Blog Mentions

Question asked by 44b6a95098c665d05bfd344d183fea52c3a9e622 on Jan 9, 2017
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We currently partner with several blogs that use our data to create stories. We ask them to put a link to our website in each blog. In the past, when I had Hubspot, I would just create a Custom Tracking URL that would look something like this: .


Then I could see in my Hubspot Sources report how many people came from that URL, then see conversions all the way down the funnel.


How do I do this in Marketo. I have been told I need to make a new landing page for each blog, but our homepage is not a landing page. I also have been told to do a UTM Parameter watch, but how do I check for conversions.


Thanks for the help!