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Personalised Offer Emails

Question asked by 5a4a3d0221ef730c37a585ca106d09c52e1c3efb on Jan 9, 2017
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We're looking to include personalised offers for customers either as a whole email or as a section in an email that displays 4 offers that are personal to a customer. This would link through to an area of our site which showed their personal offers.

What I want to know is would we be able to change the 4 images displayed via a url in an email depending upon a customers 'customer id' which is a field in Marketo of {{Lead.CustomerID}}".


So if the url for each image was as follows would Marketo be able to display the 4 different images within an email template depending on a Customer's CustomerID:{{Lead.CustomerID}}".jpg{{Lead.CustomerID}}".jpg{{Lead.CustomerID}}".jpg{{Lead.CustomerID}}".jpg


I understand that a dynamic image which is not possible to implement out of the box in Marketo.However it's been suggested to me that using a custom coding feature like Email Script tokens would work for us.


Can someone help?