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Campaign to follow up with program members in Salesforce

Question asked by 05fe0272622e31962090a0437e5f21215e07354a on Jan 9, 2017
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I need a bit of help/ideas here.

I have my Marketo programs for upcoming webinars, using a webinar channel with the normal program statuses for webinars.

On the other side, I need a report in Salesforce for my sales rep to follow up on all the people invited, with different statuses they will change to make the follow up easier (contacted, engaged, etc.)

At the moment I have 2 different programs in marketo, one for the webinar itself and another one for the "prospecting", synced with a Salesforce campaign and a report in Salesforce with those new statuses to follow up (different channel). I have a Custom member field called Additional Information that it's linked to a lead/contact and a campaign, can I update that field from Marketo? I can't see a way to do it as all I can do with salesforce campaigns is update status, and it doesn't show in Change Data Value because it's a campaign field, not a lead field.


Is there any easy way to do this? Maybe I'm over complicating things. Is there any way, for example, to show the result of a smart in Salesforce?


Thank you in advance.