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Same Landing Page, Different Domain Alias, rendering incorrectly

Question asked by a5be6bc40d9fd4f04aa3b29f7c272f600817a1a1 on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by a5be6bc40d9fd4f04aa3b29f7c272f600817a1a1


I'm encountering a strange problem.  We have an I've created a landing page (based on a template), and it looks great, renders correctly, etc..

The problem occurs when I go to view the same page using the domain alias we have set up.  It renders fine in all browsers but Chrome.  In Chrome, it looks as though I'm viewing it on mobile.


So the landing page is perfect on our regular domain, but when I go to the same landing page using our domain alias - the one I need to be using for this marketing effort - it is rendering incorrectly in Chrome.


Has anyone come across a similar issue?