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SFDC Professional Edition customers - sync change alert - please read!

Question asked by a4f5d7e81566dac4ed8fd3ec10557fb68e22fa57 on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by b314881cf2c6f34ff6c1ea07c3f07a199f877a57

I have posted this in the general discussion about sync changes but Grégoire Michel suggested I start a new discussion here for maximum visibility as it could potentially affect all PE customers using Marketo.


Historically, SFDC allowed Professional Edition customers to integrate with Marketo without a specific API subscription in SFDC, as they have done with a number of AppExchange products, but now appearing to be withdrawing this from Marketo. This is causing real issues with my Professional Edition customers.


I have just had a worrying conversation with our SFDC account manager.  We had a note just before Christmas from our Marketo account manager telling us that we would need to purchase API access in order to continue to sync to SFDC after the end of January.  However, when speaking to the SFDC account manager, he tells me that API access for Professional Edition only allows one-way access, i.e. into SFDC, so would not allow us to sync bi-directionally. 


SFDC tells me they are doing this because Marketo is a competitive product to Pardot.


SFDC are telling me that it is not possible to purchase 2-way API access for the Professional Edition.  The rep stressed that only 1-way access is provided to PE customers. This is really major - it will affect ALL Marketo customers using the Professional Edition. SFDC are more or less forcing us to upgrade to Enterprise, which will cost a bomb for a small R&D company.


Are other PE customers hearing this from SFDC? Is our rep telling the truth about API access for PE only being one way?


I would appreciate other PE customers weighing in here after speaking to their SFDC account managers!