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Accessing leads from that viewed a web page past 90 days.

Question asked by 899e7654846abed1d08b3e98cfff32ab9447a1a9 on Jan 5, 2017
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Do you know if it’s possible for the to get the email addresses/lead info for the leads that show up in a landing page activity report?


Our old Global Unsubscribe Page was not mobile enabled, so around October we created a new landing page page on a mobile enabled landing page. However, I believe the gap between viewing this old (not mobile enabled page) and not filling out the form could be due to those that accessed the page from a mobile devise.  I would like to check their current unsubscribe status. 


However, if I try and do a smart list for viewing a web page – the data is only held for 90 days.

Note: Data of this activity type is archived after 90 days


I created a smart list and it looks like most of the leads have been archived/as they are not pulling in.


Is there a way to get this detail lead detail so I can check to see if they are unsubscribed?  What are your thoughts?


Thank you.