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Person appears under multiple program statuses (Program status changed > New status is)

Question asked by b921eb7a0b0f1f503d15199b8a852ec0b47f3c9d on Jan 6, 2017
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We have a program with the following statuses

  • On Invite List
  • Sent Invite
  • Invite Touched
  • Visited Event Landing Page
  • Registered
  • RSVP Accept
  • RSVP Decline
  • Attended (Success)
  • No Show


These 3 statuses have the same Step Value, as someone might accept, then decline, then change their mind again.

RSVP Accept , "happens" when a person clicks on a 'Yes I will attend' button within the invite email, leading to a thank you page, with an optional form to update your details.

Registered happens when you fill out the optional form to update your details

RSVP Decline happens when click on a 'No I can't attend' button within the invite email


So the time has come to send a reminder for the ones that have RSVP Accept or Registered

Yet we have one person who had Registered, and after a few days went back to the email and clicked on the RSVP Decline button, so under program members he appears with program status RSVP Decline. Which is correct.


Now when we set up a smart list for the reminder campaign the rules are:

Program Status was Changed

program is: <the program>

New Status is: RSVP - Accept  or Registered


this person (although their current status is RSVP decline) still appears in this smart list.

Same person appears if we test for New Status is: RSVP - Decline.


I guess Marketo looks at all the history values within that period of time... but can we get 'Current Status' ?