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Changing brand, how to manage existing engagement programs?

Question asked by 11feede3c49340e1a2db3cc8a59ca72dacc8e164 on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by a2e2199481eb49e750ee6160799961cb4ad00066

The company I work for is shortly going to change it's brand, so I'm in the process of amending all email templates etc. I understand that engagement programs will not allow the same email to be sent more than once to each lead, but as I'm changing the templates I'm going to need to recreate each nurture mail, and as these will be then be 'new' emails - albeit with exactly the same text as the previous ones, I guess that the engagement program will happily resend them.


Has anyone else been through this? Whats the easiest way to ensure that people dont receive the entire nurture stream again? Any help gratefully received.