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Help Needed: How to add unique link to email based on token?

Question asked by a2b0d1a8d39c668bdd5344df4f19305ac889811d on Jan 4, 2017
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I am sending out an email to a list of 100 people and each person needs to have a unique survey link in the email. I cannot seem to get the token to work to do this and am looking for any insight possible. I have done the following:

- Added a new field (Survey Link) to our instance of Marketo

- Uploaded a list with Email Address + Survey Link fields

--> This list upload has updated all accounts in Marketo properly

- Added hyperlinked text (to the token) AND the token alone (to test both)

- When sending a sample, the link for both does not work

- I have confirmed that the person who I was using for the sample send has the new field applied with the correct link




Please let me know if there is any other information that can assist in troubleshooting. I am trying to send this campaign out tomorrow at 10am!