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Unable to retrieve campaign using campaignId from activity detail endpoint

Question asked by 6b683481a37b5d069fc55c39ee57bf12d72f8d34 on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by 66138998d32f0721927e4506ad0f5920f9774ba7

Hi All,

We need to understand why the API is returning certain data in a specific scenario we have.

We create a program, then we clone an existing activity (Send Email) from another program (the second program has a campaign associated to the activity).

After that, we approve the new program which contains an activity and no campaigns.




When we use the API to retrieve all the activities (type= Send Email) we noticed the cloned one has a campaign  ID that we don’t see in the campaign list from the API (and that we don’t have in the UI, remember that we created this activity with no campaign associated).






Is there any explanation in why that campaign id is added?

Is there a way to retrieve that phantom campaign from the API?

Can we consider that campaign ID an internal value Marketo need to add under the hood?