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Cannot locate the email background color in a template

Question asked by b6e38f569aa10555da08c1038eb8c060f0277c33 on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by e6615dd679b5dd0c3e60c20085706f392a9af2cb

Once again, I'm attempting to update the background color in the email template Urbanista, but cannot locate the grey color in the code.  I thought it was <meta class="mktoColor" id="emailBackgroundColor" mktoname="Email Background Color" default="#eeeeee" /> , but when I changed the #eeeeee to something else, it didn't change the background. I then changed any reference to background color, but that didn't help either. I would post the entire code, but it's 700+ lines. Any thoughts?