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API Reporting Discrepancies against Smart Lists?

Question asked by 92f0714dd99b4597a45a540078365f9d3078f9fc on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by sanford.whiteman

I seem to be hitting a roadblock with trying to scale our Marketo instance. We tried to automate some of our analytics through REST apis (in lieu of smart lists) and have noticed some fascinating discrepancies that make the APIs seem less reliable.



For context-
Due to the volume of records we have and ongoing activities it's imperative that we implement our processes for scale. I'm concerned because from an analytics perspective I don't think it was clear that we would not be able to use APIs to augment or supplement our reporting without seeing stark discrepancies. I was curious if anyone else has found a way to address this or understand why we would need to purchase something like RTP to get accurate data from the REST api on web page visits.


I was comparing data pulled via API for the visited web page activity vs. a smartlist for visited web page data from Marketo. I had compared this smart list for 'visited web page' on Dec. 5th and against api results in that same range and wanted to understand why the numbers do not match up. Has anyone else run into this issue or come across a solution?


We used GET /rest/v1/activities.json with the following parameters: activityTypeIds=['1', '3', '7', '8', '10', '11'],

sinceDatetime='2016-12-05', untilDatetime='2016-12-06',

    #              batchSize=None, listId=None, leadIds=None



Appreciate any advice or inputs.