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How does a wait step affect an Engagement Program?

Question asked by 3da7a7b6c49eddc29129195787560151073e28d7 on Dec 28, 2016
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I want to put a program with a 7-day wait step within an engagement program.



If the prospect is Paused while in the wait step at day 3, and then UnPaused on day 5, what happens?

Is it day 4 for them? or is it day 5? Or are they booted from that Program entirely upon Pause?



If the Prospect qualifies to transition to another stream, while in the wait step, do they finish the flow of that program they started or are they moved into the next stream immediately?



If something triggers the Prospect to be removed from the Engagement Program, while in the wait step, do they finish the flow of the program or are they removed from the program immediately?


A thought - if I want them to not finish the flow, should I put "remove from flow" in the transition or smart campaign rules that effect this?

And for 1. I could remove from flow and from the program so that they could go into that program again, right?