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HTML vs Text emails and deliverability

Question asked by 8ecf9499cbbdc9c80bc7bbe8d624a940b4c8dd85 on Dec 23, 2016
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Alright, I know there is probably something on here about this, but I have as specific question.


If I send a well-crafted HTML email with a nice banner and CTA button along with the plain-text version (as is best practice), is it best practice to send a different version of the text-based email?






:: BANNER ::

Some text here.


Click Here (linking to a landing page. Link masked)


Some text here.



Some text here


Click Here <>


Some text here.


Those two are the same, however, in order to reconcile the different domains, can one alter the text email to not have a call to action like that. Maybe without the link. The assumption I am making is that servers will not look too kindly on the different domains being displayed by the sender and the link.


Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!