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Adding Marketo Tracking to SDR emails? (not through Marketo)

Question asked by 8062a49d5b6043158ba3cfdf9c38f4c15ad771ef on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

We are having a lot of issues launching/integrating/syncing Marketo Sales Insight with our older existing database. From what I understand, one of the best ways to sync an existing lead with the actual person's activities is to get them to click a link in your email. (Our forms are hosted on Unbounce so that is another story entirely). Clearly, this is one of the goals of marketing.


But I was also thinking that our sales people are emailing leads all the time and leads may click in those emails. My question is this:


Is there some kind of link parameter or addition that I can get them to add to the links they are sending out (not through Marketo) which will associate the lead with a munckin ID?


The desired result is that someone who clicks into their emails will now have their activity tracking on the Marketo Sales Insight in Salesforce.


things to note:

- they are not using Outlook, so the MSI plugin is not an option.


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