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Will They Renew? Email Engagement Report for High-Value Segment

Question asked by 66ab8f0cf178e61d20c4a497dac54e045f6c89df on Dec 22, 2016
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Not sure if this can be done out of the box, but anyone know if it's easily possible to create a report that looks at a particular groups' email engagement over time (last 90 days in our case). So spreadsheet would have columns for subscriber's email address, # emails sent, # emails delivered, unique opens, unique clicks, total clicks ... or a holistic view of the the group (though we'd love to identify folks who are less engaged). 


We're working on some 'propensity to renew' modeling and email engagement of our season ticket holders is one of the data points.


I can think of some hacky ways to get some #s via a few smart lists, but hoping there's a slicker way to roll. Email insights lets you segment by audience, but only state and country (and not, say, a smart list of season ticket holders).


Maybe another route would be some sort of ex post facto lead scoring, but our partner is specifically looking for OR and CLTR of this segment from 10/1 to now.