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RTP - Dialogue Campaign Use

Question asked by e4a04567210e898fb43888f461249cc7fabfd638 on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by e4a04567210e898fb43888f461249cc7fabfd638

Would love to hear from other Marketo RTP users implementing dialogue campaigns.


We're using an embedded form in a dialogue campaign and have experienced a lot of difficulty achieving desired results. While we have that fixed now, I'd love to chat with other Marketo RTP users that have used an embedded form. Specifically, did you have to use custom code to:

     a. embed your form

     b. close your form

     c. temporarily have RTP campaign not display again while the Marketo database and RTP database had time to sync?


Bonus points if you have a live campaign you can share the link to! We're fairly new to RTP and just trying to get a better sense on how other companies are using it (especially if it's not for event promotion --or using firmographic data points.)