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Email Deliverability and Tainted Branded Domains

Question asked by 8ecf9499cbbdc9c80bc7bbe8d624a940b4c8dd85 on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

After doing some digging around and searching online and here the community, I am still not feeling like I getting my question answered. I am sure there is a better way to search this out, just not aware of it.


Getting to the point, our deliverability has been spotty at best until about 4 months ago. We switched our sender domain from the standard "" to a subdomain "" and we seem to be getting into the upper 90s on percentage delivered (we've even seen 99.7% on one campaign to around 5,000 leads). We also have added more filtering to send only to those showing proof of life and are engaged, opened and email and/or visited web page, etc. However, with that being said, prior to this being the case, there was some talk of moving our marketing assets hosted on Marketo landing pages or even external landing pages to a new branded domain using Marketo's feature of adding or replacing domains in tandem with the new email subdomain.


Basically, email is sent from "" and the thought is that our assets would move from "" to "[something]"


The question is really two-fold: If the theory is that "pages." is a tainted asset domain, can adding a link containing that domain in an email affect the deliverability, are we likely to hit the SPAM folder? Also, will a move from "pages." to "[something]." really improve the deliverability of emails when using a link to the new asset subdomain?


I hope I am making sense.