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Question asked by 31ed913b1c0b2f7e641d99bbebef904d59b0a109 on Dec 19, 2016
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Hi I need help with Marketo/Salesforce integration and duplicate record management.


In our industry we have doctors that often start in group practices/med-schools and then open their own private practice after they complete their residency. Many times the doctors use our laser and then want to purchase it when they venture out on their own. Also common, is a doctor who uses a personal email address since it can follow them where-ever they practice.


What we are seeing is when a doctor fills out one of our forms online and it passes through Marketo - the system is only checking against email address so our new "lead' is being connected to their old company. We are losing the fact that they put in a different company name.


We'd like the system to check against email address and company name and if it's not a 100% match, create a new lead. It's easier for us to convert duplicates than separate leads from accounts.


Has anyone else come across this and what was your solution? Marketo sent me this link but I don't understand what they're asking me to do.