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Web Page Activity Problems

Question asked by e0c6ab2db295e5453a172404ad97eb9c9c6e9145 on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by e0c6ab2db295e5453a172404ad97eb9c9c6e9145

We are having issues with the Web Page Activity report, was wondering if anyone has had the same plus any solutions:


1) When we compare a Smart List with the number of website visitors to a Web Page Activity report containing the same defined people, we are finding large gaps (sometimes in the 100-200 people). Is anyone else finding such a gap? Is this an issue on Marketo's end or our website?


2) Has anyone found a clear and presentable way to report on which referral pages/sources are bringing people to the website? The Web Page Activity report sometimes shows a value ofr "HTTP Referrer" but not in an organized fashion.