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Sending Two Separate Emails From Same Opportunity Trigger

Question asked by f8b0ae1b35a5925aa3633b487038915f88130de3 on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by 409883b8be8bf63fe3bb0453a39ebf74a27c85ee

We're interested in emailing two separate users from the same trigger from a Salesforce Opportunity. In particular, when we mark a deal as "Closed/Won" we'll be sending an email to both the technical lead and business lead. Currently the technical/business leads are populated at fields on the opportunity object. Further, we have "Contact Roles" populated correctly on the Opportunity Object.


It's not clear to me how to siphon emails according to these specific users associated with the Opportunity according to their roles. In general, when adding a "Choice" to the Flow when sending an email, I'm unsure of where the values come from and how to determine their origin.