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Nurture Cadence Options

Question asked by 98899fb184fc7c32feea073fecebacd875ac0930 on Dec 16, 2016
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I am currently reaching out to see if there is any way to solve for something. As of now our organization submits emails through programs located in our nurture streams. This cadence is set by the nurture stream cadence shown below:



The issue we have now is that when we add new content programs, the leads will stall until the next cadence is set to run. What I want to know is if there may be any way to setup a smart campaign that could act as a "Secondary Cadence" to run after the initial cadence, and catch anyone who may have been stalled. An initial example of this could be someone who:


1) Member of engagement program

     - Cadence is normal

     - Exhausted content is false

     - Was not sent an email in the past two hours


So the consumer and action journey would be:

1) Nurture cadence set in each stream runs

2) Member in stream goes back to receive new content. We prevent their membership of the new content program but the member stalls there until the next cadence run.

3) Smart campaign runs shortly after stream nurture cadence to propel these leads forward and thus skipping the delay.


Let me know if any of this does not make sense, but this would be something really cool to solve for.