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Reverse IP Capabilities in Marketo

Question asked by 57adbfedd6af6d5edb01a91434cfd6622e3fb236 on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by 57adbfedd6af6d5edb01a91434cfd6622e3fb236

Hi so I have a question around Marketo's reverse IP capabilities and figured it might be best to see what the community thinks.

We currently use leadlander and we are beginning to discuss if suitable replacements exists. We use Marketo for a bevy of other features and I was curious if I am able to segment out a group of accounts and understand when an anonymous visitor from one of those said accounts visits the site with the reverse IP capabilities in Marketo? I also would like to be able to track what actions they are taking and from there even potentially personalize the page to the visitor in some capacity or pre fill their forms. Is this possible?


What are you thoughts?


Thank you.