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Call Webhook to SFDC API

Question asked by e09473038b287b10b4592afdb8dca5072684bafa on Dec 15, 2016
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Is it possible to access SFDC's REST API(or anything) via Marketo's webhook?

Question 1)

For example, if we would like to get a record of SFDC Account object, how can w do it?

as our scenario, we search a SFDC account record by a URL (e.g. ""), get a response with the account company name, id, etc... via webhook.


Question 2)

According to SFDC document, it looks to be  required OAUTH as authentication. By Marketo's webhook, is it possible to pass the OAUTH 2.0 step? If so, what's the smartest way?


If you have any experience of Marketo Webhook with SFDC API, please help me to get some ideas.