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Email Script Tokens. Can they access the db?

Question asked by 6ce203f79a3673f607ff2036cfadc9d1a7a3b65b on Dec 15, 2016
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So I'm looking for a way of getting a program running where the lead that is passed through the flow can influence or at least read data from other related leads. My first thoughts went to Email Script Tokens. Are we about to query some object to get back other leads in velocity?


I read this in stack overflow:


“Velocity is a very lightweight templating engine, it has very little functionality by itself. It works by interpolating variables defined (by you) in a context into a template file. By default, the context is empty, meaning that there are no variables for the template to use. Velocity doesn't allow instantiating new objects of custom classes, all it allows you to use is string and number literals, plus maps and lists. You're responsible for making Velocity "smart" by populating the context with useful objects before interpolating. As a starting point, you can use some of the Velocity Tools. You can add your own tools, like an SQL tool that lets you run queries.” –


So it'll be down to whether Marketo has set up such tools. Do we have access to db queries or is it limited to just the Standard and custom objects we see on the right?