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Trigger emails

Question asked by a17e430b18ac75e421cee4ee6b9db04c6ac94e6e on Dec 14, 2016
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Hi, I have 2 questions...


1 - We are upgrading our website and we have created a bunch of trigger emails. Process is that a person has to click a form on a certain web page to active the trigger. When i set up the smart campaign it isn't finding the webpage that i need it to link to - if i copy and past the webpage it won't allow me to do this - is there a way i can find this webpage?

2 - Additionally, we are using the same form for multiple webpages (launch constraints for the new site) however the same form is used across multiple pages - each form submission will need to be sent separate emails based/linked to the page they clicked the form on. How am i able to identify which page they came from/submitted the form from so the appropriate trigger email can be sent?