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Introducing New Emails to Subscribers

Question asked by b35c246b53435e249290aa6118b52f77257b5c3e Champion on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by bd952a17c4074499d6b2c9e209ac822e9b476b88

I'm looking for some advice on best practices for email subscriptions. The short of it is: we have a team that wants to start sending a new newsletter. What is the best way to introduce the newsletter to our subscription base without crossing any boundaries when it comes to email laws?


We use a subscription management center (I know, I've heard the arguments for NOT having one, but our reality is that we have one and it's not going anywhere any time soon) and we have some other newsletters that cater to similar audiences. I was thinking that we could send an introductory message with the first email and tell people to update their preferences in the subscription management center if they want to continue receiving the email.


I'm definitely open to other solutions, though. Let me know what you all are doing!