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How to Run Lead Detail Reports (Marketo RCE)

Question asked by 72acce82f2fe1797b7500f841d3c606cc6b857a3 on Dec 13, 2016
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Hi Marketo Community:


I need your reporting advice:


I've been asked to provide marketing engagement detail by individual lead (Salesforce contact). The particular segment they are interested in is about 30K contacts total.


What they want to determine is who is engaging in what marketing channels and what specific campaigns/webinars/events within those channels. This will allow them to analyze the effectiveness of our different tactics and messages to create a touchpoint plan for this segment. There are 3 years of marketing program history in our Marketo instance, with approx. 200-300 programs per year including all channels. They sent me the below Excel chart as an example of their ideal chart if I can only pull aggregate data - ideally they would get the customer detail along with the campaign/webinar/event names that they engaged with, campaign dates, success date, etc. into the same report too.


- Whenever I pull customer detail into a Marketo RCE report, the report times out because of information overload.

- I cannot find the SFDC Contact ID field in the Admin RCE Field Sync section to add to Marketo RCE in order to aggregate the data by an ID that they can match with Salesforce reports.

What is the most efficient way to get them this aggregate data (and ideally the detail too) without going crazy?


Thank you very much in advance.