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Email Script Year

Question asked by ec7c17b9459aa9c04ed5a8b1f3423313e7be27fa on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by 74085122cae8cf8ed67300cad5863083721e65fb

I'm working my way through all programs in our instance to add email script for year. I'm using $date.get('yyyy') from this community discussion, though Marketo support said it may cause email approval issues, so test drive $date.getYear() as well.


My question is that depending on the campaign, my team is cloning programs/emails or creating new. I know they won't remember to add script to each new program, and I don't want 2016 in any emails for the new year. In order to catch every email, does it make sense to both of the following:

  1. Add script to all existing programs and input into existing emails.
  2. Change year to 2017 in email templates in Design Studio. This would catch new program/email when user forgets to add script to new program.


I'm sure I'm overthinking this, so I'm open to any suggestions.