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Determining existing customers vs. new customers

Question asked by 6c81422e06bbbeabc509e14dd1e6fceb9d5d253a on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by 57fcfb2b2489881692f80657534e34f5e3e445dc

Hello Marketo Community,


we are planning a new campaign that targets

  1. Existing customers that own a specific product (and we promote a long awaited update)
  2. New customers that do not own the product (and the recent update is a main reason to convince them)


We do currently not have any sync between our CRM and MKT in place (but we are working on that..) which means that we do not know which lead owns the product and which not. The campaign entry point will be a MKT form on external websites (e.g. journals or articles).

To target everyone with the right content we should now determine if someone owns the product right on the first lead form - e.g. asking directly "Do you already use products of our company?" and if the answer is yes, then a product dropdown appears.


However, is there any better solution than that? How did you solve similar issues in previous campaigns? We never had this issue until now and we do know that the CRM sync is the solution, but that integration will take some time.


Thank you.