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Recommendations to make Nurture Tracks collaborative with Sales

Question asked by 584833f96f6f99df36e27c05bbb2a0ff56de0df7 on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by dffc92e872b14191ab61c0ee64bfe961cd00e946

Hello Marketo Community,


We have recently rebuilt a bunch of nurture tracks so that we have separate programs by product, region, and buyer stage. Trouble is, we'd like to make nurture activity more accessible and visible to the sales team, because they currently have almost none.


I have floated the idea of building a "Nurture" field set in SFDC that would show if a lead was being nurtured, and in which track. In the past we have also used MSI to do some of this.


Hoping for ideas from Marketo Rockstars who have been down this road before...what has worked and what doesn't, by your experience? Thanks everyone!