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Passing values from a non-Marketo form to a Marketo form

Question asked by b4d5db7905bb7e4b6d43ed64b6a9b4f4749d357e on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by 93e67f9d54f48d129e1b378b25caa9cee6e16c29

We have an Opt-In Monster lightbox pop up form on our website. Once a contact fills this form out (Name, email) they are taken to a Marketo landing page with another form. We would like "Name" and "email" to auto populate in this form based on the Opt-in monster lightbox form submission.


The Opt-in Monster mapping for these Name and Email is om_name and om_email and cannot be changed. How do I get Marketo to recognize these values as Name and email and auto fill them? Do I have to use javascript?