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Channel based vs. Campaign based tracking

Question asked by 89f22710154ecc7796119c17ed654a6073ad7274 Champion on Dec 5, 2016
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Hi folks -


I've been thinking a lot about how we create and track programs in Marketo. Right now, everything is very tactical - we track an email. We track a webinar. We track a gated asset. We track a digital ad. What we do a poor job of doing is tracking these at a campaign level and I'm starting to think that our tracking structure and methodology and naming conventions might be completely wrong.


So I'd love to know how you're all tracking.  Right now, we use a code that's basically Channel-Date-Business-Description.  It works well when you think of everything as a separate campaign and tactic but it does a very poor job of showing overall attribution of a campaign.


What I'm starting to think is more effective is something along the lines of:




Let's say I'm marketing my product line called VividIQ





Something along these lines, as opposed to





And, to that point, when it comes to folders and organization does it make sense to have a folder for Campaigns in addition to channel based tactical folders?


Looking for thoughts, opinions, and examples of what works well.