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Velocity Processing Timeout?

Question asked by 59ad505a0182655d4025a54f598626a5b5877516 Champion on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

I have a rather complex series of Velocity tokens that I use to handle several different pieces of information; as such, I've broken them into smaller, individual tokens that calculate a value and return the output over and over in slightly different ways. Otherwise, the script is identical.


Now, predictably, the more of these tokens I put in a given email, the longer it takes for the email to send (which I'm fine with), but it seems past a certain amount of these tokens, all of the token values fail. They simply stop processing and spit out variables rather than the calculated response. When I group them all back into one mega-token, it's fine again and all variables are correctly displaying their final values. If I use just a handful of the broken-out tokens, they also display their final values correctly. It's just when I try to use all the individual tokens at once that I have this issue.


All of this is to say: is there a maximum processing time allowed on an email scripts, has anyone encountered this before, and is it possible to get the timeout value extended for certain instances?