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My activity is wrongly merging with other leads in our Marketo database. What can I do?

Question asked by 7258db54bded13117b4dcf7701df0a595867992a on Dec 2, 2016
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My coworker forwarded our recent newsletter to me to give me some positive feedback. While I was viewing the newsletter that he had forwarded, I clicked on some of the links. Now my web activity is being logged in my coworkers activity log and not mine. His information is also auto-populating in Marketo forms on my laptop. How can I separate our activity? Is this possible?


This is the second time this has happened. It happened once before with one of our prospects (except I'm not quote sure how it happened last time). Marketo Support suggested I delete his lead and start from scratch.


How can I avoid wrongly merging my web activity with another lead? Is there a better way to separate my coworkers activity from mine, rather than deleting him?


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