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Forward to a friend - track original referer

Question asked by 2b0a46f2522c1ec69efcdd15cd7c02fb02c1e1cb on Dec 5, 2016


We want to create a campaign where we ask customers to refer a friend by filling a form with their friend's details. Based on that we would want the new lead to be sent an email using the original referrer's details like first name, etc.


QUESTION 1: Would recording Marketo forms' form-fill-out be enough to capture both details - new lead (via the details on the form) and original referrer (via form fill event or a hidden field in the form)?

QUESTION 2: Using custom fields (like referrer's ID number) being hidden on the form, will I be able to tie together the original referrer and the new lead?
QUESTION 3: Is there a way to then use the referrer's detail on the email - token for name, email, etc?


Anyone able to help with this or ran similar programs?