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MK > SF Field Change Behavior

Question asked by abf3599aa3ffbdff022d2c8fa778b6f7e3348362 on Dec 2, 2016
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Hello fellow Marketeers!


We are in the midst of an integration to SFDC and will be using the direct sync that is provided.  I have a few concerns about using default sync fields on our forms and would like to know if my concern is valid or unfounded.  I also want to know, if my concerns are valid, what other companies are doing to mitigate the issue that might be caused by default fields being updated.


Question: What happens when a contact fills out a form on the website and provides different company information, or any default field, that what we have in Mk & SFDC?  My understanding is that Marketo is updated and therefore SFDC is updated.


My concern: it WILL change the company name in MK and in SFDC and cause issues, but i am unsure what those issues might be?


Possible Solution 1: Use non default fields for form fill outs and then create a smart campaign that updates the defaults fields with the form value if the default fields are empty?

Possible Solution 2: Use the form functionality and create a dynamic form so if the SFDC Type is not empty Default fields are shown and if not then other fields could be used?


Reason for the concern revolves specifically around Customers and those with active opportunities.  If we are quoting or they are paying customers then we can't have Marketo updating certain sync fields.


Are there other solutions I am not considering?