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Who is clicking my emails?!?

Question asked by 5bc269b8563f08e2dfe5df5614646d15095df5bd on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by a236d1f87d9f8feeb96262fd9b55c4077c01b1d8

So I'm pretty much aware of the spam filter bots already. What they do is clicking all links in the email. For me, they can only be bots once, as I detect and exclude them once it happens (I have a trap link).


However yesterday, I had x5 clicks more than usual in my email campaign and this is AFTER I excluded all bots in the usual way.


I checked Google Analytics and saw that it's not showing that number but a reasonable one (100 not 500). That made me understand that I might have bots clicking my emails that I STILL can't identify their behaviour... We enabled the option to spot bots in Google Analytics and so, if someone reaches the page and stays too short he won't be counted.


If I'm checking the leads log - I can see the click in my email. They don't even click more than one or twice, most of them are only clicking once.

My URL is not spammy, and I've used it for a very long time, so that is also not the issue.

I thought of counting the people who are clicking AND opening my email (as bots don't really counted as open), but that won't be accurate due to the Pixel thing that not every user is using.


So I'm stuck... any idea how to filter those bots out?