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When a customer fills out a referral form, is there a way to use the new lead's info to automatically create a lead?

Question asked by 31c49a9e92cfdfc36ec09f16a3d031bc05f44a62 Champion on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by 26e22115d65ce4dbe13119fd55fc6b1465de6533

Hello Community,


I am building a referral form for our customers to submit referrals to us for referral credit. The new referral's company and contact info will be captured via custom fields. Is there a way that those custom fields can be used to create a lead automatically? Or is the only way to manually create the new lead by sending an alert with those new referral's custom fields tokened?


Also I prefer to have the customer appear to be filling out the form (customer email in system email field) for reporting purposes as opposed to having it appear the new referral is (new referral email in system email field) since then you deal with the munchkin tracking being associated with the new lead if the code is not disabled. This way the customer lead is who is executing the flow step upon form fill.