Sugar Connector for Marketo 3.1.2 has been released!

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Sugar Connector for Marketo, version 3.1.2, is now available to download from SugarExchange.  It is free to customers of SugarCRM and Marketo.  The connector offers data sync capabilities between the two platforms. For additional details, please visit




Feature Enhancements

· Additional fields available to map: Two Marketo fields, "Person Notes" and "Company Notes" are now available to map between Marketo and SugarCRM.  They are available on the SugarCRM's "Map Connector Fields" page.

· Added proxy support for the connector: The connector now supports proxy settings as configured in SugarCRM for improved privacy and security.

· Added a new scheduler to purge deleted records: A new connector scheduler has been added to periodically remove deleted records from the connector's queue table for improved performance.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been resolved in the 3.1.2 release :

· 74718 : When a contact record is related to an account via the Contacts subpanel in the Accounts module, the "Company Info" tab in Marketo may not get updated as expected.

· 76354 : Entering an invalid module name in the "SugarCRM Type" field in Marketo may cause the connection to fail and not sync data to SugarCRM as expected.

· 76605 : When the connector is enabled, sync between SugarCRM and Marketo becomes active even though the connector schedulers are inactive.

· 76684 : Logic hooks and workflows defined in SugarCRM can cause the connector sync process to errantly produce duplicate sync actions.

· 76776 : Inconsistent capitalization in a record's email address between SugarCRM and Marketo can cause syncing issues and potentially exhaust Marketo's API usage quota.


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