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Triggering Off a Custom Object

Question asked by a980f2fca74423b854e896979a2401c2739b5151 on Nov 29, 2016
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We have a SFDC custom object called Sales Orders. We acquired a company that uses this object, instead of the Opportunity object, to signify when deals close. Is it possible to trigger off a field change under the Sales Orders object, and then have any contact under that sales order run through the designated flow? I read the below doc, but I still wasn't super clear on whether or not I could do what I was hoping. Will the "Added to Literature" trigger work with this?


Custom Objects 2.0 in Marketo - Part 1


I was also given the workaround to use SFDC automation to create a corresponding opportunity field and have the sales order field write to that field when the sales order gets updated. That would then use the "Opportunity is Updated" trigger. My SFDC team wanted to check first to see if triggering from the customer object was possible first.