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Marketo Changes UTM Shortlinks in Emails

Question asked by f6f00469a7e5f8f8936ba4ec8538d709d38ce53c on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

Hi all,


We built a UTM code using Terminus to track link clicks in our webinar invites. The way it works is we created a Marketo landing page and created a UTM shortlink to the page using Terminus. We then put that link in our webinar invite email for people to  However, when we send out emails, we noticed that Marketo changes the shortlink to "" to track link clicks.


Since Marketo changes the link, we aren't able to track the link click in Terminus. Is there a way to prevent Marketo from changing the UTM shortlink while still being able to track the link click in Marketo for our email performance reports?