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I am admin for my instance. I can not create a new role to start the API process with Social 123

Question asked by 47cc7409c5573071a36ebba44e0384ef4db34c7c on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by 2dd6bfd88d69f25c6fc247c59fc5eb9ce38b8164

Good Morning I Hope all is well.


I have attached two screen shots. One is my admin instance when trying to "create a new Role" and the other is Social 123's instructions for connecting the API. I have admin privileges and all the above as I am the one that purchased the service, so that's not it. I have Spark addition, could that be it. I do not have a "New Roles" tab in order to create and start this integration. My instance was purchased in February of this year if that makes any difference. Anyone know how to fix?


Thank you for your help and consideration.