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Alerts with Dynamic Token for Form Submission

Question asked by 1f0b4d3d9289fad2e09c436ecc931f9108d8aef1 on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by 31c49a9e92cfdfc36ec09f16a3d031bc05f44a62
I'm trying to create a single flow that would allow me to assign round-robin lead routing to Salesforce. 

When a lead is created in Marketo, I'd like to assign to a sales rep, but also send an alert email that indicates which form or static list upload the lead came in from. 

How can I create a single Alert email that would dynamically include the appropriate form or list in the email? In other words, rather than setting up a flow action for EACH form, can I create a Universal Alert Email that fills in the Form Name via a {{dynamic field}}?